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Automation FAQ

Navigate to Configuration > Automation
  • Click New rule
    • Provide a descriptive name
    • Provide a keyword (optional)
    • Select an action
  • Click Save rule

How do I update the email address to which my inbound replies are being forwarded?

If you want to create a new rule to forward SMS replies to email, read this article to see how it's done

To update an existing rule, follow these steps:

Go to Configuration > Automation

Find the relevant rule in the list under "My Automations" and click on the name to edit the rule:

Click on the edit icon next to the action you wish to edit - in this case, the email address to which replies are being forwarded:

To remove the current email address, click the cross that appears next to it. You can then enter a new address and click "Save Action":

Once you have made the required changes, click "Save & Launch" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

MessageMedia API

The upgraded MessageMedia web experience does not include any changes to the API.

We encourage all legacy API clients to upgrade to our flagship REST API to take advantage of the improved performance and features benefits.

More information is available via our developers portal

Decoupled API credentials from web login credentials

API credentials and web login credentials have now been de-coupled. When a user now performs a password reset this will no longer break any integrations that might be active.

If you wish to update your API password this must be conducted by our Support team via